Keep Calm And Travel ♥

Yes, I’m keeping calm and yes! I want to travel and I know you will once you meet this blog.



When it comes to “blogging” I have to be honest and say that I’m more of a “youtube girl”, but this one just got me with her website’s name.

Her name is Clelia, she’s from Italy, Sardinia (really beautiful Island) and that’s what I love the most about her. I mean, who doesn’t love Italian language? I do! And she’s learning English just like me.

When I opened the link to her website I was immediately charmed by the phrase “Don’t Dream your life. Live your dream”. When I go online most of the times I have realized that I love people with personalities similar to mine. I think if I had a blog I would make it just like Clelia’s.

What I really loved about her blog is that it’s really easy to get attracted to her website just by going on the link“start here”. Most of the time when you’re in a blog you don’t know where to start, but she has it all in there. The second part that attracted me, too, was “awesome stuff”. It’s like the perfect guide for a new traveler.

I could talk all day about her blog but the only thing you should be doing right now, instead of reading me, is going to her website, I swear you will love everything about it. Don’t miss her amazing pinterest photos!!

Find Clelia’s blog: here


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